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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Ashwin Butler controversial Disappointment in BCCI over runout

The IPL is not yet over a week away, while Punjab captain Ashwin has been aggravated by controversy over Rajasthan's English batsman Butler's "manned" out.  Butler and Camp Ashwin of Rajasthan were accused of behaving against the sportsman spirit, while Ashwin defended, saying, "I have done nothing wrong."  However, in the wake of the controversy, the Indian Cricket Board and the IPL officials are facing severe anger.  |  BCCI officials have criticized Ashwin for such behavior, saying that he should show his skills and showcase his role as a captain in front of the world so that it would bring glory not only to cricket but also to the hearts of all.  [IPL Commissioner Rajiv Shukla has slammed Kings XI Punjab captain Ashwin, saying that Ashwin violated the agreement between the captains for the IPL tournament.  In the meeting of the previous captains and officials of the IPL, we decided that no batsman should be mocked in the IPL.
And we made this decision at a meeting of IPL captains and officials held earlier in the presence of Kohli.  Ashwin's behavior has been questioned by Rajiv Kala's tweet.  The Indian Premier League has also been involved in a number of controversies in the past, and Ashwini has sparked a new controversy over the "matchday" with Butler, and how the official take a stand now.  It has to be seen.  Forgetting the 'munkade' controversy

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